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The Company Pays a Visit to Pakistan Lahore for Project Exchange
Number of visits:270

  To respond to the call for the Belt and Road Initiative and the “going global” strategy driven by the Chinese government, the company and its wholly-owned subsidiary Chengdu Xingrong Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. paid a visit to Lahore, Pakistan from May 21 to 25 to investigate and exchange mutual insights. The staff of Lahore Project Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of the company) accompanied the delegation throughout their visit.

  The delegation signed a MOU on the waste-to-energy project with Punjab Power Development Board (PPDB) at the 2nd International Seminar on Business Opportunities in Punjab. During the meeting with Ms. Senia, Executive Chairman of PPDB and Mr. Salmen, Director of Renewable Energy Department of PPDB, they conducted in-depth communication and exchanges on the co-constructed Lahore project of 40MW waste incineration for power generation, winning consensus from PPDB and relevant departments. At the seminar and B2B activities, the company and AFI (an energy-based operating company from Islamabad) discussed the Islamabad 20MW waste incineration project and its feasibility and cooperation models, as well as other project-related issues.

  In addition, the delegation also researched Lahore’s waste collection and transportation system and visited the landfills, the project location, and the office building of Lahore Project Co., Ltd.