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Social Responsibilities and Concerns Regarding the Juzhaigou Earthquake
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— To Ensure the Safety of Water Supplies and Drainage in Disaster Area

  A 7.0-magnitude earthquake shook Jiuzhaigou County (33.20N, 103.82E), Ngawa Prefecture, Sichuan Province on August 8. The quake occurred at around 21:19 p.m. at a depth of 20km, followed by more than 100 aftershocks.

  After the earthquake, the company quickly decided to scramble rescue crews to the disaster area. On the morning of August 9, General Manager Li Yonggang led a water supply and drainage team formed from the company’s technical backbone specialized in production and operation, water quality testing and equipment maintenance to Jiuzhaigou County, and they arrived in the evening after a 12-hour ride.

  Early in the morning of August 10, the team went to sewage plants in Jiuzhai County and water plants in Anle Village, thoroughly checking and troubleshooting all problems suffered by the equipment caused by the earthquake, and carefully guided on-site personnel on technical skills.

  On the afternoon of August 10, water quality monitoring personnel of the team drew water from the intake and outlet of the water plant in Anle Village for quality tests to ensure the safety of the water supply in the disaster area. While operations and technical personnel checked water-supply pipeline networks and the sewage treatment plant in Zhangzha Town, nearby the epicenter area, and expressed their sympathy and comfort.

  In times of disaster, our hearts go out to the earthquake victims. Xingrong Environmental Group will actively fulfill its social responsibilities and send more professionals to provide relief in disaster-stricken areas once feedback of the water supply and drainage in Jiuzhaigou returns. To ensure safe water supply and drainage in disaster area, these professionals will do their all to repair water supplies and drainage pipelines and treat sewage.