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The company has always adhered to the “people-oriented” management concept, and highly prioritizes developing employee potential and sustainable corporate growth. Through the establishment of a staff team featuring capable, efficient, and professional, it strives to grow not only the company, but its employees as well.

  ◆ Establish a Scientific and Dynamic Post Management System

  By adopting a scientific and dynamic person-post matching mechanism, the company has established a post management system, which is a two-channel system between management and expertise aimed at building an elite team to meet the needs of the company’s strategic development and broadening career development channels for talents in different fields.

  ◆ Establish a Value-oriented Broadbanding Remuneration Management System

  Based on the market as well as post and performance values, the company has established a broadbanding remuneration management system, closely watching the personal abilities and performance improvements of employees to maximize the corporate value and personal value of employees.

  ◆ Establish an Incentive-Oriented Performance Management System

  In view of its strategic goal, the company employs a balanced score card to build an incentive-oriented performance management system. Through the establishment of a cyclical mechanism based on performance plans, evaluations, feedback, and improvement, the company endeavors to guide employees to improve their performances and comprehensive abilities to achieve win-win results between the company and employees.

  ◆ Provide Comprehensive Welfare Benefits

  In accordance with national regulations, the company provides employees with statutory benefits such as social insurance, housing fund, and paid annual leave, as well as various other types of benefits.