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Chengdu Xingrong Environment Co., Ltd. (stock code: 000598) is a large water environmental protection comprehensive service provider in China, mainly engaged in production and supply of running water, sewage treatment, reclaimed water utilization, sludge disposal, waste leachate treatment and garbage incineration power generation. It has a complete industrial chain integrating investment, research and development, design, construction and operation. The company takes people's livelihood as its responsibility and ecological environmental protection as its goal, adheres to the concept of sustainable development, and is committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions in terms of advanced water environmental protection operation management, waste disposal and resource recycling.

By the end of 2020, the company's business has covered China's Sichuan, Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Hainan, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hebei and other places, the capacity of water supply and sewage treatment projects which are in operation, under construction and will be built is about 8.5 million tons/day, the capacity of reclaimed water utilization project is 1 million tons/day, the capacity of garbage incineration power generation project is 12,300 tons/day, the capacity of sludge disposal project is 2,980 tons/day, the capacity of garbage leachate treatment project is 5,630 tons/day. The scale of water environmental protection business ranks first in western China and ranks top in China.

As one of the most influential water environmental protection enterprises in China, the company has more than 70 years of water supply operation management experience and more than 30 years of sewage treatment operation management experience, and has established industry-leading SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system, water supply network geographic information system, water network hydraulic model system, etc. Adhering to the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing", the company is based in Chengdu, takes root in Sichuan, radiates to the whole country and has a global outlook. The company gives full play to operational and regional advantages, strengthens business expansion, builds whole industrial chain, focuses on the emerging industries, continues to focus on operation services, and becomes a comprehensive service provider of water environmental protection with excellent assets, advanced technology, high brand awareness and influence.